On the wide range of web site building alternatives, Wix lives on the site builder finish that is more all-inclusive. You build your website on their applications with their tools. Your website lives on their servers. You get your site via the Wix admin board, not using FTP or a host dash. It is compared to solutions where you buy, install, and handle all of the “pieces” for example hosting, software, plugins, and templates of your website separately.

Like other popular site builders, utilizing Wix is kind of like renting and customizing an apartment in a gated development instead of getting and owning your own residence. You are in control of decoration, cleaning, and everything living-wise — however you leave the construction, plumbing, security, and infrastructure into the property owner. That point is critical because there’s usually a direct tradeoff between convenience and control.

As far as direct opponents, Wix competes directly with all-inclusive site builders like Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy GoCentral, and WordPress.com.

Can Be Wix Safe?

Yes — Wix is secure to use. Wix is a publicly-traded company that works globally with well-established privacy, legal, payments, and product criteria. There are loads of fly-by-night or amateur-run site builders. But Wix is not one of these. They have downsides & tradeoffs, but a solid upside is their safety & reputation.

Is Wix Free?

You also have to display Wix ads and have limited performance.

It’s fantastic to get a short-term or temporary project…or to just attempt Wix out before updating.

If you are trying to find a completely free website builder option, you could also explore these free website / site choices . This review will research Wix’s complete product package with a concentration on anybody creating a complete, public-facing site .

Key Features                            

✓ Great speed

✓ Easy drag & drop interface

✓ SEO tools contained

✓ Extensive app market

✓ Mobile customization

✓ Fantastic knowledgebase

Recommended For

• Individual websites

• Small business owners

• Fundamental eCommerce websites

• DIY site owners

What We Like About Wix

  1. Good Site Speed
  2. . Massive Template Collection
  3. Expand Your Site Features With Wix App Market
  4. Market Your Website Easily
  5. Tons Of Extra Features
  6. Free HTTPS
  7. Create quotations for customers
  8. There’s even a symbol manufacturer! Plenty of Help And Service

What We Do Not Like About Wix

       1. Templates Not Interchangeable

       2. Free Plan Forces Wix Branding

       3. Tracking And Analytics Require A Paid Plan

       4. Your Website Isn’t Transferrable

       5. Premium Plans Are Single-Site Only

Verdict: Is Wix A Good Buy?

I think by the time you’ve reached this point, it will maybe be clear that I believe Wix like a site builder, Wix is very great. It ticks off a lot of the perfect check boxes in its primary function (the cellular site editor is a great touch) and it’s possible to use to produce sites immediately.

In addition to that, there is great value-add also, with the extra features and marketing tools. This is something that would enable new website owners to expand the reach of their site further without having to deal with a lot of technical knowledge or additional resources.

First and foremost — the simple fact that you’re stuck with Wix. To me, being unable to transfer your site anywhere else is a major turn off. This is something that has long term implications and is not easy for new (or even veteran!) Website owners to judge.

Next, while I admit that these extra features are good to have, to get somebody who knows what they are doing — you are buying into Wix at fairly steep recurring costs. Take for instance their cheapest plan at $4.50 per month — that’s what you would pay for web hosting with more funds than Wix offers.

Customer Support & Knowledgebase*

Similar speed & security, Wix sites have an advantage of being an all-purpose solution. If there’s a problem, it’s on Wix to fix it. There is no tracking down the main issue or figuring out who or what’s to blame.

If something is wrong, or when you want to edit anything, you can get in contact with customer support. Since they operate a proprietary platform, they can in fact address any issue you have.


What’s Wix good for small business and other website projects? Well, Wix has a well-known brand in the website construction space. In 2006, it was among the very first to offer end to end site building with no coding abilities.

There are a whole lot of Wix reviews online, but the bottom line is that Wix guarantees 100% convenience together with built-in tools for DIY website owners (and they fulfill that guarantee ) — but they have a few drawbacks for professional programmers & intermediate DIYers.