Cylance is the first business to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for malware detection. In this Cylance reviewed analyze how it blocks computer viruses and other malicious software before they affect your device.

  Cylance Characteristics

  • Many Cylance security attributes ensure powerful anti protection without using a lot of the body’s sources . In this Cylance review, we look at the most important ones:
  • Most antivirus software programs utilize signature-based detection, where the signature of a malicious object is inserted into a database of known malware for future reference. Cylance, on the other hand, uses AI and machine learning to look for dangers.
  • The AI anti virus learns how malicious software performs and stops all documents and processes which look suspicious based on expertise. The harmful files are quarantined automatically and deleted after a month.
  • Considering that the program uses an AI model for hazard detection in lieu of a database, even zero-day malware can be blocked. This AI-based solution has small or no impact on system functionality , but it continuously performs scans to detect threats in real-time.
  • Cylance may send suspicious files to the cloud for additional analysis. The samples have been checked against the cloud’s data on recently found threats.


We looked at two industry-recognized evaluations to understand how well Cylance contrasts with opponents.

AV-TEST GmbH periodically issues leading anti virus products to carefully constructed evaluations. About the protection standard , in which the antivirus is confronted with zero-day malware, drive-by strikes, site downloads, and email attacks, Cylance has been rated 2.5 from 6 factors in the most recent evaluations (August 2020). This score is your cheapest in the course .

Its defense rating has dropped considerably since the previous series of tests from June 2020. In earlier times AV-TEST rated Cylance’s advanced threat prevention capacities very large .

Nonetheless, in a past evaluation, SE Labs discovered which Cylance could comprehend and shield your apparatus against potential e-threats.

Please be aware that both evaluations utilized CylancePROTECT. But since the AI-based malware-protection technologies is comparable across the Cylance house and business versions, we think the results continue to be applicable.

Benefits of Use

The computer software is perfect for new users. While it permits you to change settings and run normal scans, you do not have to spend time handling or procedure files.

The internet dashboard’s interface lines up using the program’s simplicity. Despite offering a great deal of functionality and information, it never feels cluttered or hard to comprehend . Our expertise, along with other Cylance testimonials, confirms there are no usability problems despite ten linked apparatus.

Not having a desktop program interface is countered by a pop-up customer that offers the breakdown of malware-related action . The customer is helpful for tracking Cylance’s performance fast .

The customer’s smartphone version includes some added attributes for cellphone security, such as real-time apparatus scanning and individual program scanning.

Cylance Pricing

Cylance will not offer a free trial, however its subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 3 yearly plans are based on the number of devices you intend to use it on:

One device: $29.00/year

Five apparatus: $69.00/year

Ten devices: $99.00/year

There are corresponding two-year subscriptions, but you won’t get any discounts for registering for a more time.

Cylance is cheaper than many famous antivirus programs, especially in the event that you have a lot of devices. However, this is not surprising, given that the Cylance home version lacks many additional features, such as VPN service, privacy anti virus, and parental controls.


Our Cylance review confirms that this is a strong malware scanner in an aggressive price point. However, the current low scores on protection against AV-TEST raise some concerns.

The software is easy to utilize , requires minimal engagement from users, and puts little strain on chips , which makes it one of the best antivirus that won’t slow down your PC. These features make it perfect for users that just require an antivirus program to operate in the background.

But, Cylance does lack some extra features additional antivirus programs provide these days. If you’re looking for essential add-ons like spam filtering along with a firewall, Cylance may not be for you.

Our Cylance review indicates that Cylance overlooks an offline desktop app. The customer support could also boost with more touchpoints, especially live chat, and shorter response times.