Liquid Web is one of the leading managed hosting providers on the industry. They supply high-performance managed net hosting infrastructure to power your site or web program. Their hosting services are optimized for popular apps, including WordPress, WooCommerce, superior company email, and more.

Liquid Web’s hosting packages are excellent choices geared toward mission-critical websites and applications. Besides colocation services and custom solutions for business clients, Liquid Web offers the following packed hosting options:

  • VPS
  • Committed
  • Liquid Web Attributes

Attributes of liquid web:

  • WordPress-Specific Hosting. …
  • Can You Use WooCommerce? …
  • Reduced Level Programs and Pricing. …
  • Control Providers. …
  • VPS Server Environment. …
  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. …

Website Speed Optimized for WordPress Sites.


Liquid Internet’s entry-level prices are somewhat higher than what most web hosts cost. Part of this has to do with the fact they offer handled WordPress hosting on a VPS environment. What is more, prices are inclusive of many different features which other web hosts provide as up-sells.

The following is a comprehensive collection of the chief features to anticipate when you select among those completely managed WordPress hosting plans from Web.

Just how Big is LiquidWeb’s Team?

With a team of just under 500 people, over 400 of them function as support engineers. These specialists are prepared to answer most hosting and website related questions you may fire their way.

They assert that US-based broker will respond to a telephone or live chat messages within 59 minutes , not 5-10 minutes. For times needing a quick refresher, Liquid Internet maintains a up-to-date knowledge foundation for advice for your use.

Where’s Liquid Web Based?

To serve the requirements of the 30,000 customers they work with around the world, Liquid Internet has data centers located in the following places:

  • Lansing, Michigan
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Liquid Internet prides itself on its experience in hosting niche sites, such as people reliant on HIPAA regulations. They are also knowledgeable about PCI Compliant web hosting thus rest assured that your clients’ valuable information is stored safely.

Value of LiquidWeb

Depending on the type of solution you opt for, as well as the specific resources and add-ons you include with your hosting package, costs will vary.

Liquid Web is not the cheapest solution around, but regarding what they offer for those searching for a WordPress, VPS or dedicated-level host, their prices are competitive.

If you decide to host your website on a physical server, you will be billed monthly. If you choose to make use of a cloud-based plan, you’ll be billed daily. On-the-go cost plans have become a popular option because of their transparent nature of source use.


1. Backing of Big Clients:

Liquid Web is not your regular, run-of-the-mill internet hosting service. It actually caters to a large number of really well known and highly reputed manufacturer names. This web service is actually so series it powers giants like Porsche, National Geographic, and Home Depot. Liquid Web has host packages for WordPress, cloud solutions, and highly dedicated servers to complete their tasks with. It is the favorite choice for many large businesses when it comes to managed hosting.

This is an advantage for any company who’s looking for a trusted web hosting service. When you know a certain centre is great enough for such enormous brand, it’s good enough for practically any business. Plus getting your name linked to famous brand names would mechanically up its standing and consequently its own earnings as well.

2. Dedicated and High-Performing Servers:

Liquid Web provides a strong basis on which any business can build their website with trust and surety. The servers that they supply come in many different configurations as per a firm’s needs. You can decide on a basic server which has one chip, 16GB RAM or move for a more luxurious option with 32GB RAM.

3. High Security

Liquid Internet’s Hosting would provide its clients with a lot of safety features. These include VPNs, firewalls, scanners for spyware and malware and removal of viruses, etc.. Additionally, there are copies performed nightly, which may potentially save a great deal of data in worst case situations.

4. Uptime Advantages

Finding a site down is more than enough to turn away many customers away from your small business. With Liquid Internet, companies can be sure of getting their websites up and running the majority of the time.

5. Great Customer Support:

The customer support with Liquid Web is greatly enhanced with a team of educated and knowledgeable people. These people don’t have any hesitation in helping anyone who reaches out to them to get assistance or to register a complaint. They supply contact through chat, telephone, and a lot of different mediums.


1. Highly Expensive

As mentioned above, not every humble-startup can make use of Liquid Web’s excellent web hosting services. Since the service is at such a high level, one has to be prepared to pay the price. The cost of Liquid Web’s hosting packages may not be so much for large corporations. However, individuals starting their own business, new start-ups, and  struggling local businesses are usually not able to shell out such a large amount right away.

The high expense of Liquid Web means that small businesses wouldn’t have any room for expansion trough this means. This is quite a pity, since more and more customers are now looking towards local businesses in order to purchase responsibly. Expensive web hosting services hence only encourage the cold corporate culture instead of fostering a welcoming environment for smaller competitors.

Compared to other web hosting services, Liquid Web is hence one of the most expensive options to go for. The prices difference can be huge, with basic severs offered at less than five dollars each.

2. No Shared Hosting

One of the reasons why Liquid Web Hosting is so expensive is that it doesn’t allow for shared hosting services. Along with other advantages, this option would have made this particular service quite a bit cheaper. There are several other reliable web hosting services online which have more affordable packages along with shared hosting options.

Conclusion of this Liquid Web review

Liquid Web provides an extremely competitive HIPAA compliant hosting alternatives. Their entrance settings has one of the lowest prices and best performance you can get in this market, while still being able to secure you HIPAA accredited.